Saturday, January 28, 2017

A Political Rant, Because, Hell, I'm Angry.

A few minutes ago, my grandfather, who I often choose not to speak to for a plethora of reasons, sent a group text to myself, my sister, cousins, and aunts and uncles.  We're all democrats.  He worships Trump, a fact that he loves to flaunt. The group text told us all to calm down about Trump because he is making the right decisions for our country that other leaders could not accomplish.  He said to relax. He said Trump is making our country more safe and more productive.  No one had texted him. He started a group message out of the blue just to let us all know that he thinks we're wrong. The first response was from my cousin, who said, "Who is this?"  Many of us do not have his phone number because frankly, he's an ass. You always hear "respect your elders," but why should I respect someone who has no respect for me, or the people that I love, and who never showed me that he cared for me or many of my other family members.  My grandfather's actions are a symbol of many of the other actions being carried out in our country.  A lack of respect for others, a lack of perspective, and a lack of understanding. Don't tell me my opinions are wrong.  Don't tell me not to be concerned, because I am concerned.  Don't tell me to calm down and relax, because the last thing anyone should be is calm or relaxed.  What is going on is not okay, and telling someone their opinions aren't valid in this challenging time for many, is simply inexcusable.

And on that note, here is a list of things that make me happy:

1.  When my cat snores and snorts.  My cat is quite the character.  We think he might have some nasal problems because when he breathes in deeply, he does a cute little snort like a pig.

2.  Coffee.

3.  The kids I teach musical theatre to. This week during improv, a little boy crawled across the floor and shouted, "Leapin' Lizards!"

4.  Books.  Not just reading books, but just being in the presence of books makes me feel better.

5.  Traveling.  There's nothing quite like being somewhere new for the first time.

6.  Long drives with good music.

7.  My other cat.  He's really fluffy.

8.  Harry Potter.  If it got me through middle school, it can get me through anything.

9.  Sweaters fresh from the dryer.

10.  Writing.  Writing can do amazing things.  It can help you escape.  It can open doors to brand new worlds. It can help you process things.  I have never felt happier than I have while writing.  Even if writing ultimately does not end up being where I have success, I know that I will always have it for my own personal outlet and enjoyment.  And that's not something anyone can take away or try to invalidate. (I'm looking at you grandpa).


  1. Sarah, you go with your rant! It's truly horrific what is happening. Everyday last week I was shocked at each move he's made. We have a divided family as well, and it's hard to speak to them know they support him. UGH!

    With regard to your above list, replace your cat with my dog and we have a lot of things in common. :)

  2. You are so right. My father loves Trumps policies as well. At the beginning of the campaign he loved Trump as a person too but after the completely disgusting things he said about women, and they fact that my father lives with two women, he being a smart man, declared he no longer like Trump as a person. But riddle me this: if you don't like Trump as a person because of the acts against women he took ,then how can you like his policies? Ever move Trump makes takes women back decades. I really just don't understand.

    Also coffee makes me happy too! For me though, I think it would be number one not number two. :)