Thursday, April 20, 2017

Word Count Wednesday--twelve

What am I working on?

I'm working on choosing and editing the part of Mary, Queen of Scottsville Academy I want to turn in for narrative 2.  I haven't really written anything new this week.

Word Count: I honestly don't know. I need to figure out a system to keep track of when I write what, but it definitely wasn't much this week.

How do I feel about the process?

I knew that at this point in the semester I would be doing ten million things at once, which is why I made my camp nanowrimo goal only 15,000.  I still don't like that I haven't written that much though. I've written 12,370 this month so I need to write 2,630 more words to meet my goal so hopefully I can do that soon.

What am I reading?

I just binge read (is that a phrase?) Fallen. It was good, but I thought the ending was a little forced. It was very obvious that it went from a contained story to a grand, epic, crazy series in about ten pages. I probably won't read the sequel, but I liked the first book for what it was.

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