Thursday, August 17, 2017

Back to School...A Rambling of Sorts

Blog post inspired by Jodee for bugging me and Shaundee to get it together and write something, even if it's nonsense.

I've had four days of classes so far and it's been...interesting. I love school. I've been called a nerd. I've embraced that. It's cool. But this semester has started off a little rocky. First of all, I'm taking statistics. Anyone who knows me knows that math is not my thing. I would say that math and I really do not get along. We met and things were okay, then math turned on me and made my life horrible. I haven't taken a math class in three years. I'm hoping it will go better after having given it a little space, but I'm also aware that it could be a complete train wreck. I guess we'll see. I love all of my other classes so far, but found out that a lab I needed won't be offered next semester so I might need to add it this semester. Long story. Anyways, basically I had it all planned and now it's all completely different. But I guess that's life. This semester is going to be insane between possibly 17 units, college apps, and teaching a musical theater class, but one thing that will keep me somewhat sane is my group message with Taunya, Shaundee, and Jodee. In addition to writing encouragement we also offer each other funny pictures/memes, advice and the occasional coffee and coloring. Where would we be without memes? Probably much more focused and studious, but oh well. In addition to the scheduling confusion, I got to a part in the book I've been reading where one of the main characters is about to die so I've been avoiding finishing that all week. Just when you start to trust an author and think the story will have a happy ending they kill someone off. It's a murder mystery, so I probably should've seen it coming. In spite of the slightly rocky beginning, I am truly excited for this semester and the prospect of transferring next fall.

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