Thursday, March 30, 2017

Camp NaNoWriMo

Guys! Jodee made a cabin on Camp NaNoWriMo that I am now a member of and everyone should join.  Camp NaNoWriMo is basically like doing the regular NaNoWriMo which I think stands for National Novel Writing Month? Maybe? Don't quote me on that. But in whatever month works for you instead of November.  You set a goal of how many words you want to write and you get a novel/writing project created in a month! Pretty cool! I didn't explain it that great so check out Jodee's blog for a more informative explaination if you're interested. Right now the name of the cabin is The Scrappy Scribblers, but we're still brainstorming name ideas. We are thinking of having some fun writing get togethers including a write off (which I just now realized is what it's called when you can write something off on your taxes, because clearly my brain works).  In the write off (or a better name) we will write as much as we can in a block of time like a couple of hours and the person who writes the most wins eternal glory. It'll be great.

All you have to do to join is create an account and let Jodee know your username and she will add you to the cabin!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Word Count Wednesday--nine

What am I working on?

You know when you're in the middle of writing something and you get an idea for something else and then you can't focus on the thing you should be focusing on? No? Yeah? Well, that lovely occurrence is happening to me. Luckily, I did get some work done on my Mary, Queen of Scots book for the first time in a while, so that's good.  However, I was unfortunately distracted by another idea. I guess it makes it a little better that my other idea is about Queen Elizabeth since she's a character in the Mary book.  The new idea is about Elizabeth the summer after all of the events of this book that I've plotted out have happened. It kind of makes sense that I would have an idea involving Elizabeth because her character is so outspoken and demanding.  The Queens are even feuding for reign of my brain. Makes sense.

Word Count: 1,345

How do I feel about the process?

I'm really excited that Elizabeth has become a formed enough character to be the main character of another novel, but it's also frustrating. I actually have a plot for a sequel to the first book, Mary, Queen of Scottsville Academy, as well as ideas for separate circles of reincarnated teens that are in a way connected to this one.  It just worries me to have so many ideas around the same book, because I don't want to plot out a whole series and then not have it go anywhere. I guess the thing to focus on would be to make sure I create the story for the love of writing it and not solely for the hope of it getting published.  I was worrying earlier this week about spending a bunch of time writing a novel that no one will ever read, but writing isn't a waste of time unless you're really hating doing it. I feel like if I'm enjoying creating something it shouldn't matter so much what the outcome of it is, because in a way that sometimes takes the joy out of it a little.

What am I reading?

Not much right now.  I need to find a new book to be excited about if anyone has any suggestions.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Word Count Wednesday--eight

What am I working on?

I worked on a lot of random little projects over spring break.  I intended to get back to writing my Mary, Queen of Scots book over spring break, but life happened.  I wrote some poetry.  I also started a couple of short story type things.

How do I feel about the process?

I wrote some poetry that I feel is actually decent, so I might post it after some editing.  It was really nice to finally write some poetry that I don't feel is total crap.  My spring break was really busy, which was kind of a bummer.  I was hoping to get more writing done than I did.  I've found that I've been really busy lately, but I'm going to try to schedule in regular writing times instead of just blindly hoping I somehow find an hour to write.  It clearly hasn't been happening, so hopefully setting aside a specific time a few days a week will get me back on track.

Word count: 1,832

What am I reading?

Bittersweet Within my Heart, the Love Poems of Mary, Queen of Scots

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Word Count Wednesday--seven

What am I working on?

Still the same book. I spent some time brainstorming some tv show ideas because I'm taking a screenwriting class online. I also had a random idea for a teen jukebox musical featuring early 2000s hits by Vanessa Carlton, Avril Lavigne, etc. So randmon, but it wouldn't get out of my head so I plotted it out.

How do I feel about the process?

I feel like I have a lot of really weird (and maybe a few decent) ideas flying through my mind. I've been thinking about trying screenwriting and I'm teaching a children's musical theatre class, so I think my mind is just following all of my thoughts. I actually really like the idea I came up with for the musical featuring early 2000s hits because I love that music, but I'm not expecting that to go anywhere. I think my thoughts just went in a fun direction because I've been trying to focus and work really hard at a lot of stuff and I subconsciously directed myself towards something weird and fun.

Word Count: 636

What am I reading?

Bittersweet Within my Heart, The Love Poems of Mary, Queen of Scotts

Friday, March 3, 2017

Word Count Wednesday--six

Oops better late than never?

What am I working on?

The same Mary, Queen of Scotts novel.  I tried to write some poetry.  It turned out mediocre as my poetry usually does.

How do I feel about the process?

I feel like I haven't been able to spend enough time on my writing lately, which is frustrating.  I'm hoping to get a lot done over spring break.  I still can't really write poetry, but I'm hoping that if I just keep trying to write it I might magically get a little less terrible.

Word count this week: 1,595

What am I reading?

On Writing