Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Word Count Wednesday--seven

What am I working on?

Still the same book. I spent some time brainstorming some tv show ideas because I'm taking a screenwriting class online. I also had a random idea for a teen jukebox musical featuring early 2000s hits by Vanessa Carlton, Avril Lavigne, etc. So randmon, but it wouldn't get out of my head so I plotted it out.

How do I feel about the process?

I feel like I have a lot of really weird (and maybe a few decent) ideas flying through my mind. I've been thinking about trying screenwriting and I'm teaching a children's musical theatre class, so I think my mind is just following all of my thoughts. I actually really like the idea I came up with for the musical featuring early 2000s hits because I love that music, but I'm not expecting that to go anywhere. I think my thoughts just went in a fun direction because I've been trying to focus and work really hard at a lot of stuff and I subconsciously directed myself towards something weird and fun.

Word Count: 636

What am I reading?

Bittersweet Within my Heart, The Love Poems of Mary, Queen of Scotts

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  1. Good to see that your reading material pertains to your writing project. :)