Friday, March 3, 2017

Word Count Wednesday--six

Oops better late than never?

What am I working on?

The same Mary, Queen of Scotts novel.  I tried to write some poetry.  It turned out mediocre as my poetry usually does.

How do I feel about the process?

I feel like I haven't been able to spend enough time on my writing lately, which is frustrating.  I'm hoping to get a lot done over spring break.  I still can't really write poetry, but I'm hoping that if I just keep trying to write it I might magically get a little less terrible.

Word count this week: 1,595

What am I reading?

On Writing

1 comment:

  1. Here's a trick for us non-poets.

    Simply write something in prose and then format it to look like a poem. Try it and see what happens.