Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Poorly Drawn Map, Thoroughly Thought Out Idea

So, this is my poorly drawn map. Even though my art work isn't the best, this experiment helped me envision the setting for a novel idea I've been working on for a while.  The characters in my novel go to a private academy for children of the politicians and leaders of America.

In the country side of the north of Vermont there is a gated piece of land surrounded by a clear blue lake.  If you were to turn off of the main road and onto the winding dirt road lined with trees, you would be on your way to the academy.  Just before the intricately designed iron gate, the trees thicken, hiding all of the gate and what lies past it, except for the entrance.  The gate opens only for the cars that have been cleared with security ahead of time.  Just behind the gate, there is a small building where all visitors and students must check in.  Once you have checked in, you are permitted to park in the paved drop off circle.  Only teachers can park in the lot near the academy (which I forgot to draw).  Parents or guardians dropping off students are only allowed to park in the drop off circle for a few moments, to avoid interrupting the learning experience.  There is a cobblestone path leading to both the academy and the Dormitory.  The academy is a grey stone building with ivy clinging to its walls.  There are two immense oak doors to the building.  Students can take the cobblestone path from the academy to the dorms.  The dorm building was built with the same grey stones, but its windows are lined with drapes of the colors of that floor's grade.  The first floor has sage colored drapes, the second has sapphire, the third has crimson and the fourth has amber.  There is a garden surrounded by hedges behind the dorms. The garden is used by students as a place to study in the spring and tended to by the environmental science class.  There is a bridge on the lake to a security base.  Students are often found lingering on the bridge on sunny days.  The security base is a small brick building on a wooden deck built on the lake.  Security guards survey the surrounding area from the base.  The land is green with grass and a sprinkling of trees. The edge of the land becomes rocky as it turns into a shore of the lake.  Swimming in the lake is not advised outside of swimming lessons.  The rowing team uses the lake for practice.


  1. You might hate this comment... but it reminds me of Hogwarts. :)
    I really want to go to school here!! It sounds super amazing and peaceful and fun, but I could also see some major drama happening here.

    1. Thank you! I'll add a few more details to make sure it's not too similar.